Manifest Abundance With Affirmations

Affirmations can be powerful tools of recognition, achievement and inspiration when fully utilized. This can be part of your Reiki healing sessions, or can be done separately. Take a moment to pause and dream about what you truly desire, and even why you really want it. One way to work through your ideas is to start writing it out on paper. Once you are clear and focused, you can create or find one or more affirmations that sing to your soul. 

Focus on messages that are concise and to the point — no long paragraphs. Then creatively make visual reminders of your messages. Write the words on paper, or on your bathroom mirror, of create posters with images and words. Place these around your home life and your professional life, so you are reminded of your affirmations frequently for maximum effect. Move them around to keep things fresh, so they don’t blend in with the background. 

Examples include: 

“Everyday, I feed my mind. body and spirit for unlimited abundance”

“I live an abundant life”

“Money and spirituality can co-exist in harmony” 

You can fine tune your affirmations as you reach them or change your desires. Another option is to create a vision board with visuals and words from your efforts that you put into creating your Abundant Affirmations. Have fun with this. Contact advisors that call out to you or those who specialize in Manifesting Wealth to help you on your journey.