Crystals for Manifesting Abundance

Using crystals will help you generate the right vibrations to draw abundance into your life. When you’re working with crystals for this type of manifestation, it’s important to keep a clear vision of what you want and a strong conviction that you deserve this. Your confidence in the manifestation will bring it into being.

Manifesting Abundance

Abundance can mean many different things. Before you can start to manifest abundance, you must define what it means to you. Visualize your life with the kind of abundance you want to attract. This could be an abundance of free time, accomplishments, friends, or monetary earnings. Clearly identify what abundance looks like in your life.

Prosperity Crystals

Using crystals for prosperity will give your manifestations a powerful boost. The following crystals help strengthen your manifestations, clarify your vision, soften your barriers to success, and attract abundance:

  • Green aventurine.
  • Citrine.
  • Pyrite.
  • Green jade.
  • Tiger’s eye.
  • Green moss agate.
  • Clear quartz.
  • Rose quartz.
  • Selenite.
  • Amazonite.

How To Use Crystals for Abundance

Select the prosperity stones that resonate the most with your purpose. You might select one stone or several. There are many ways you can use these crystals for abundance. Consider some of these options:

  • Place your prosperity crystals on your workspace to invite wealth from your efforts.
  • Keep your abundance crystals on a personal altar with other items that symbolize abundance for you, such as a picture of something you want to purchase.
  • Place the crystals in your wallet to draw more money in.
  • Keep your prosperity stones in your pocket to draw abundance to yourself.
  • Meditate with your abundance stones in your hand.
  • Create a crystal grid with one or more abundance crystals.

With the right tools, you can draw abundance into your life and manifest the kind of success that you’re after.

Work In Harmony With Your Soul’s Intention

Many believe that because our souls are boundless, they are able to store consciousness throughout multiple live times. More commonly, this is called reincarnation. With the idea of reincarnation comes the question of why we reincarnate. Some believe that we reincarnate in order to learn and master life lessons. Others believe that our soul simply likes potentiality to be explored through human experiences. Personally, I believe that any positive reason our minds can conjure is applicable to a soul somewhere.  What’s more important is that YOU discover the reason why you are here in order to work in harmony with your soul’s intention, which of course, then brings the following question of how do I do that. Below are 9 suggestions:

  1. Contemplate. Set aside uninterrupted time to remember your childhood. Some had dreams, others had an inner knowing, and many had experiences as to why they are here. The memories don’t have to give you the full answer to why you are here, but they can start the ball rolling. If that doesn’t help, consider asking yourself the following questions because the answer is likely one of the reasons your soul wants you on Earth. What are my passions? What do you love? What am I naturally good at or what is easy for me that is hard for others? If I couldn’t fail, what would I do? If I had 24 hours left what legacy would I like to leave?
  2. Meditate. I recommend silent meditation where you practice listening. However, whichever meditation you are drawn towards, use that. Be aware that it usually takes multiple meditations to get a thorough answer.
  3. Psychic Reading. You can have a trusted advisor look into this for you. Sometimes we just need to hear the truth in a different way to understand, accept it and act on it. An objective point of view can validate what you already know or give you more details as to why you are here.
  4. Ask.  Ask your higher self (soul), spirit guides, angels, ancestors to convey your soul’s purpose for being here in such a way that you know it is from them and you can comprehend it. You can ask them to give you physical signs, too.
  5. Regression. You might want to work with a regressionist. Research one with a proven history of success. They can guide you through a meditation, put you in a deep trance/hypnosis to guide you to the answer.
  6. Conscious Dreaming. Asking aloud and/or writing down “what is my soul’s intention for this life” before sleeping will allow the answers to come through while dreaming. I advise practicing lucid dreaming a few weeks before doing this and I also would have you use a dream journal to get in the habit of remembering your dreams and documenting them.
  7. Read or Watch. Through reading or listening to other people’s experiences, it might jolt your own memories. What someone shares might also resonate with you, which means you have the exact same reason for being here as the author or speaker does.
  8. Soul Healing. There are many practitioners with diverse healing modalities that can help you. Working with a practitioner that does soul healing can help you know why you are here and move past roadblocks.
  9. Mystery. We don’t have to figure it all out right now. Enjoy the mystery. Allow for the unfoldment of truth.

Why is it important to know your reason for being here? If you work against your soul’s intention, you are likely to keep coming up against roadblocks. That said, life is life, which means all of us will naturally have challenges to overcome. Don’t assume that because some things go wrong that you’re doing the wrong thing. However, if you consistently try to do something and you have no passion, love or enjoyment of it…it is not your soul’s intention. So, do something else.