Manifest Abundance With Affirmations

Affirmations can be powerful tools of recognition, achievement and inspiration when fully utilized. This can be part of your Reiki healing sessions, or can be done separately. Take a moment to pause and dream about what you truly desire, and even why you really want it. One way to work through your ideas is to start writing it out on paper. Once you are clear and focused, you can create or find one or more affirmations that sing to your soul. 

Focus on messages that are concise and to the point — no long paragraphs. Then creatively make visual reminders of your messages. Write the words on paper, or on your bathroom mirror, of create posters with images and words. Place these around your home life and your professional life, so you are reminded of your affirmations frequently for maximum effect. Move them around to keep things fresh, so they don’t blend in with the background. 

Examples include: 

“Everyday, I feed my mind. body and spirit for unlimited abundance”

“I live an abundant life”

“Money and spirituality can co-exist in harmony” 

You can fine tune your affirmations as you reach them or change your desires. Another option is to create a vision board with visuals and words from your efforts that you put into creating your Abundant Affirmations. Have fun with this. Contact advisors that call out to you or those who specialize in Manifesting Wealth to help you on your journey. 

Manifesting Abundance Meditation

Meditation doesn’t have to just be about becoming zen and finding inner peace.  It can be much more than that for you.  Through meditation you can create a focus for your life, or bring about positive changes for yourself as well. 

The following is a mediation to help you manifest abundance into your life.

Get into a comfortable position in a spot where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes.  Focus on your breathing.  Take slow deep breaths in and then let them out slowly.  Try to match the length of time for your exhale as what it took for your inhale.  With each new breath, focus on relaxing a different part of your body. Release any tension you are holding in your shoulders, your back, and even in your jaw.  Just breathe.

Feel your body in the room where you are.  Then realize you are a part of the larger whole of existence.  You are made up of the same stardust that has been here since the beginning of time.  Feel your body and mind becoming one with the energy of the universe around you.  Breathe in slowly, and then let that breath back out, in and out.

Now as you continue to breathe slowly, begin to think about abundance and what that means to you.  Does it mean having lots of tangible items? Does it mean being rich or famous?  Or does it mean having enough financial stability to have the freedom to travel?  Or is it simpler than that, like having plenty of food on your table and your bills paid with a steady job?  Whatever the idea of abundance is for you, focus on what your life would look like filled with that abundance.  Allow your mind to flow and experience the happy emotions that would manifest in your life.  Feel the positive happiness flow over you and visualize what you would be doing and how you would experience that abundance in your life.  Live it in your mind as vibrantly as if it has already happened.

Now settle your mind back into how your body feels sitting quietly, while breathing slowly in and out.  Picture a magnet inside your solar plexus and with each breath in, imagine that magnet is attracting all that abundance you desire into your life.  With each breath out, release any and all thoughts or ideas that might be holding you back from achieving the abundance in your life.  Each breath in the magnet pulls and draws happiness and abundance towards you, and with each breath out let go of barriers blocking that achievement.

Sit quietly, just breathing, allowing the magnet to work and attract all the abundance into your life, and know in your heart, all you have to do is accept it.  Work on allowing your mind to believe you deserve to receive this.  Open your mind to the belief that you will get the happiness and abundance that you desire.