Connecting with Source Energy

There are many theories as to how to tap into or connect with source energy.  Reiki, prayer, meditation, and dancing are just a few ways that people have found that work to align you with source.

But really, we are all made of source energy so all we really have to do is use the inherent connection we all have to tap into the universal source energy all around us.  Although, that can be easier said than done. 

The study of source has been known by many names and reached through many styles. Buddha called it enlightenment.  Tibetan Monks have mastered chanting as a form of connection to this energy.  There are some on the Sufi path that whirl during ceremonies to find this connection.  Some in the Indigenous peoples of the Americas reached this ability through a ceremony known as the Sun Dance.  In seeking forms of divination, people who use the Tarot, I Ching, crystals and runes are all tapping into source energy.

These can all take years to master.  So what is the best way for someone to try to tap into source for the first time?  It can be different for everyone but the main way is to find something that causes your heart to feel excited.  For some people that is using their body, by running or doing yoga.  That gets someone into “the zone” where they feel at one with the universe.  For others it can be painting or playing music, that makes them feel alive and in tune with something greater than themselves.

Whatever you feel most alive doing or at the most peaceful, is where you should start to try to tap into source.  So, for example if you love to dance, put on some music and allow your body to feel the rhythm, don’t try to “dance a specific style” just let your body move.  Try to free your mind from any distractions that come up about feeling silly dancing by yourself or how you might look to someone who sees you.  Just free your mind from any thoughts other than how great the music sounds and how wonderful it is to move your body.  Don’t fight your mind, if distracting thoughts come up, just acknowledge them and let them flow on out, don’t continue to focus just think of sweeping them out of the way with a broom and tune back into the music.  Keep dancing and just letting your body move however the music leads and begin to feel how open your heart is, how happy the movements make you feel.  That is tapping into source. 

If you have been looking for answers to a specific question or worrying over a decision, once you feel happy and open through dancing, sit down and take out a piece of paper or your computer, whatever you are most comfortable writing with, and just start thinking about your question or decision.  Write down whatever comes to your mind.  Don’t analyze or over think it, just let the words flow.

The same can be done through whatever it is that makes your heart sing.  If it is painting then start swatching colors in a sketchbook or on a piece of paper.  Don’t worry about an image at first, just watch the colors move across the page.  Feel how the paint flows from the brush to the canvas or paper.  Watch as the colors shift and combine if you move one color into another.  Don’t focus on anything other than watching the change and feeling the flow.  Once your mind feels at peace, begin focusing on the problem at hand.  Try to paint how the problem makes you feel, use colors that make you feel the same way.  Soon the answers you are seeking will become clear. You can tap into source in many different ways.  Each one will work better for different people because all of us are wired differently, but we are all made up of the same source energy as the universe.  Just work on finding the right path to tap into it for yourself.  If the first attempt doesn’t work, move on to something different because it will just take some time for you to find the right connection.  It is like digging through a bag of phone cords you have kept for all your phones through the years, to find the right one you have to keep trying each until you find the one that fits your current phone to charge it.  There a style of tapping into source that will work for you, you just have to find