Tapping Into Your Third Eye

Known as the third eye, the pineal gland is located behind your forehead and can serve as a gateway to greater psychic abilities. Developing your third eye could unlock the powers of clairvoyance and telepathy and may even enable you to pursue astral projection. Learn why tapping into your third eye is vital and learn how to develop it effectively.

Why Developing Your Third Eye Is Essential

While developing your third eye can help you hone your clairaudient abilities and tune into sounds and intuitions from other realms, neglecting this chakra can have negative effects. After all, your third eye is a key component of your visual abilities, and when it remains closed, you effectively create a sensory barrier.

When you can’t properly sense with your third eye, you’ll quickly become confused and uncertain, and over time, you could become negative or cynical. In contrast, tapping into your third eye can aid your ability to perceive, helping you see more clearly and become more decisive.

How to Use Meditation

For many people, meditation is the key to developing the third eye. When you meditate for this purpose, be intentional in all your actions. Choose a time and place where you can be truly present, and take care to eliminate distractions. Get comfortable, relax your body, set your worries aside, and feel your body. As you meditate, focus on the act of breathing, and empty your mind completely.

Eventually, you can focus on accessing your third eye. Try focusing on a single object, event, or concept. If everything else fades into the background, you’ve activated your third eye. When you successfully tap into this chakra, you’ll feel as though your mind has ascended to a new level, and you’ll sense an accelerated flow of energy around you. Practice tapping into your third eye every day, and the ritual will become easier and more natural every time.

How to Use Manifestation

While meditation is the most common way to tap into your third eye, you can also use a combination of crystals and manifestation to help develop this chakra. Violet crystals, such as amethysts and tourmaline, work best for accessing your third eye since this chakra has a violet hue.

To get started, cleanse your crystal of all negative energy. Hold it in your hands, and then place it directly on your third eye. While holding the crystal in place, create an image in your mind of your desires. Imagine the job, love, and positivity you’ll feel when your desire manifests. Focus on this desire for a few minutes before removing the crystal. With regular practice, you’ll further develop the pathway between reality and the psychic realm, ultimately using your third eye to visualize and manifest what you truly want to see.

Seeking more insight into your third eye and how you can use its power to your advantage? Talk with an authentic psychic and learn how tapping into your third eye could help you take your abilities to new heights.