Using Reiki For Energy Healing

Reiki is an energy healing system that utilizes the fact that human bodies are made up of the same light and energy that flows throughout the universe and everything in it.  A Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit that connects the energy of the universe with the energy flowing through the individual seeking the treatment.  The energy flows through the practitioner and is focused at points along the body’s meridian to aid the energy flowing through the recipient’s aura and chakras down into the cells of the body to aid in balancing and raising the person’s vibration.

When a person’s energy is balanced and the vibration of the energy is high it aids in the body’s ability to heal itself.  When a person’s energy is low or blocked from flowing through the body it can starve the organs and cells from the energy needed to maintain a healthy state and can cause the body to fall into illness or disease.

In the recent past, Reiki was thought of as a pseudo science and new age technique.  Actually Reiki is an ancient technique but recently it has been studied by biophysicists and neuroscientists.  Studies are beginning to show what Reiki practitioners have known all along, that science backs up the theories that Reiki is based on.   Dr. Joe Dispenza explains that “cells communicate with each other by exchanging vital information transmitted on different frequencies of light.”  Reiki focuses energy to aid this transmission.

Another theory of how Reiki aids and heals people who receive treatments has to do with mental thought processes and how thoughts and feelings can create havoc in our physical bodies.  Science is beginning to take notice that negative thoughts can manifest into negative responses in the body.  Mental and emotional trauma a person experiences can negatively affect the physical health and wellbeing of the person.  Fitz-Albert Popp, PhD studied how “when cells do not emit enough organized and coherent electromagnetic energy that they can become unhealthy, leading organs to become unhealthy and unable to function properly which can lead to illness and disease.”

When a person receives a Reiki treatment the high vibration energy that flows through the person can focus on energy blocks formed from negative thoughts or emotional and mental trauma in order to aid in the healing process the body is capable of on its own.  When these blockages are released it can not only aid the physical healing of the body but can aid the person to deal with the emotional and mental trauma that caused the issues in the first place.

Reiki forms a bridge between the ancient understanding of how the universe works and the scientific techniques of the modern age to aid our bodies to heal themselves.