Intention At Midnight

Setting an intention is one of the most powerful forces you can wield in your life. An intention is a guiding aim that keeps you in alignment with your desires and goals. It utilizes your creativity to birth new dreams, ideas, and goals. Intentions are different from goals because goals are more action-oriented, while intentions keep us mentally/spiritually focused.

How do I set an intention?

For many people and intention comes to them intuitively, but if that hasn’t happened for you, then reflect on some of the things you are passionate about. Your passions are reoccurring thoughts, feelings, and actions. Notice what you talk about a lot, notice what you dream about a lot and notice what you’ve already done in the past that felt important and good to you. Once you do, then start considering ways of doing more of that.

When is the best time to start an intention?
Whenever you decide to. However, making intentions around that time of in-flow and out-flow will naturally bring more supporting and amplifying energy to your energy. In-flow is when something new is starting in nature, like the sunrise, the clock striking midnight or the New Year starting. Writer out, state aloud or meditate on an intention to start something around these times.  For example, the intention of getting in tune with my body can start the goal of signing up for dance lessons.

Out-flow is when something ends in nature, like the sunset, 11:59 PM or New Year’s Eve. Writer out, state aloud or meditate on an intention to end something around these times. For example, the intention to stop procrastinating can be done at the end of the year and once the clock turns midnight, the new intention to be proactive is stated, written and acted upon.