Setting Intentions to Manifest

Intention setting is the process of clarifying what you want the universe to manifest for you. Understanding how to set an intention for manifestation will help you properly choose and visualize your goals so you can give them the best possible chance of coming to fruition in your life. These tips will help you learn how to set intentions that will create powerful changes around you.

Be Specific

The universe does its best work when you’re clear about what you want and why. Meditate before setting intentions and dig deep to discover what you really want. If your intention is to lose weight, consider what you really desire from that outcome. Do you want to have more energy? Feel healthier? Wear different clothes? Rather than set a number on the scale for your intention, focus on the day-to-day vibe this accomplishment will create.

Visualize Your Manifestation

Visualize your life once you have completely attained your goal. See this intention manifest in your mind’s eye. Consider how it makes you feel, how it changes your daily routines, and what it inspires you to do next. Intention manifestation is most powerful when you can conjure a clear image of your life with these achievements in place.

Bring Your Lifestyle Into Alignment

You’ll find that you’re manifesting faster when you create a lifestyle that draws your intentions toward you. Like attracts like. If you want to lose weight to feel healthier, begin implementing healthy habits now. Start sipping superfood smoothies, practice yoga, or go for a hike. Anything that helps you feel healthy and energized will boost your manifestation for a goal that’s related to wellness. 

Setting intentions is a powerful practice. Start writing down your intentions and revisiting them on a regular basis so you can track what the universe provides for you when you’re clear and intentional about what you desire.