Maintaining Love During the COVID Crisis

Maintaining your romantic relationships during the pandemic can be challenging. Regardless of whether you are living together (and have too much togetherness) or are striving to make meaningful connections while you are too far apart — this can be a very meaningful time in your relationship.

Before quickly jumping to conclusions, first make sure you are taking the very best care of you. What have you been feeding your mind, body and spirit? Are you moving your body and getting enjoyable exercise? How are you expressing your creativity? Comfort food and activities are nice and so it trying something new and different.                                                                  

Next, when reviewing your relationship, make sure to start with patience and compassion. We are all getting triggered on one level or another. Be aware of this. Be careful not to get too stuck in your head and over analyze yourself to craziness. For the most honest feedback, feel into your connection from a loving place when you are calm and well rested.      

Add in some “new ways” to connect. Maybe it is a glass of wine shared or a game played over a video call. Or light a candle and watch an old movie you both love. Take a walk or go for a bike ride in nature. Reminisce about the interesting details about how and where you first met and fell in love. Get started with something simple, and one idea can lead to another. Take turns coming up with fun ways to spend time with one another.                  

When you identify concerns, find a good time and place to discuss this with your partner. But first check in with them about their day and their concerns. If it is a good time, explain how you feel and ask for a conversation starter. You do not need to figure everything out all at once. If emotions start running high, take a break and start again after you rest and take some time apart.  

This unique time adds new pressures on all of us. We will find out how much we really love this person and rediscover a deep respect and admiration through laughter and silly fun. Or, we may determine that we finally need to come clean and admit that this is not working out — and admit to yourself and the other person that you both deserve much better. 

When you trust your inner knowing (intuition), you will gain a lot of awareness. Keep checking in with yourself, and over time you will find that when you have a concern you will be able to find your trusted guidance more quickly.

Grow Closer While Staying 6 Feet Apart

Due to this pandemic, you may feel like your relationships are in a unique place right now. Many couples who don’t live together may find that you cannot see each other as often. Likewise, couples who do live together may find it challenging to adjust to spending even more time together at home. Learn how you and your partner can continue to grow your connection during these unprecedented times. 

Couples Who Live Apart

Couples who live apart can still stay connected while practicing responsible social distancing. When deciding on how you will connect during this time, there are a few questions to ask your partner:

  • How often should we see each other?
  • How can we practice safe social distancing while seeing each other?
  • Should we wait to see each other in person?
  • What ways do you like to connect while being apart?

Having an understanding of how you both plan on connecting is an important part of staying on the same page when living through this pandemic. You and your partner may decide it’s best to wait to see each other in person later. If you decide this, you can connect through video chat or phone call. You could also get creative and send each other handwritten letters or drawings. 

Couples Who Live Together

Couples who live together may begin to feel bored with the monotony of staying home every day. Shake things up by figuring out how well you know your partner. Use this as a time to ask each other deep questions to learn even more about one another. Here are some interesting questions to ask:

  • What is your first memory?
  • Do you have any hidden talents?
  • Do you think everything happens for a reason?
  • What has our relationship taught you?

This pandemic may create obstacles for all kinds of couples. The main thing to remember during these times is that you and your partner need to regularly communicate and check in with each other.

Soul Sex

Soul Sex

Soul sex takes intimacy to another level. This type of experience is deeply fulfilling and helps you form a stronger, deeper connection with your partner.

What Is Soul Sex?

Soul sex takes your intimate experiences beyond the physical realm into something deeper. Emotional lovemaking gets you closer to soul sex, but this level of spiritual intimacy transcends even a deeply emotional sexual encounter. Soul lovemaking feeds the deep desires of your inner spiritual being, allowing you to connect with your partner at the soul level.

How to Have Soul Sex

Connecting sex and soul can be challenging, especially if you’re in the habit of putting on a physical performance or thinking about pleasing your partner. When you’re having soul sex, you let go of surface concerns like how you look or what to do with your body next. You form a deep soul connection with your partner and act from a place of knowing at your root that you’re serving your highest good. You may need to work on healing your soul before you can engage in enriching soul sex with someone else.

Some ways you can slip into a more soulful sexual experience include:

  • Looking into your partner’s eyes: Look deeply into your partner’s eyes and hold their gaze. This helps you connect with one another beyond the purely physical realm.
  • Considering your feelings: Check in with your emotions. Stop anything that makes you feel self-conscious, concerned, or dissatisfied. Pursue only those things that are deeply fulfilling.
  • Slowing down to reconnect: Step away from the race to climax and stay in the current moment. If you find yourself drifting away from the present, slow down, step back, and return to a period of foreplay until you feel you’ve reconnected.

Enjoying the deep intimacy of soul sex is something you may need to work on with your partner until you feel you’re both achieving a sense of deep connection.