Strengthen Your Connections

Do you crave more consistency and connection in your life? You can create the life you want by connecting with daily empowering activities and tasks that are powerful and life changing. If you find some that really get your juices flowing, then do them consistently. Or, keep trying new choices for variety. 

Consider these tools: 

Movement: walking in nature, yoga, riding a bike, running, walking the dog

Affirmations: “By taking care of me first, I can handle anything”

“I am connecting to the energy that empowers me”

“Calm, compassion and patience lead the way in my life” 

“Dial down the fear, and replace it with peace, love & hope”

Intentions: I inhale love, and I exhale stress

Breath in peace, breath out anxiety

I surround myself with beauty, health and happiness

Meditations: search YouTube for something new to connect with that calls to you 

Creativity: draw, paint, sing, dance, bake, cook — create

Journal: free writing in a journal helps you process your thoughts & reduce anxiety

Disconnect: remove yourself from 24-7 news, constant screen time

Gain Clarity: When doing mundane tasks like folding laundry, unloading dishwasher, or taking a shower your body is busy, so your mind can open up and flow creative abundance to you. What kinds of questions have you been asking?

Connect: Talk with family and friends by phone, video chat or anyway to bridge that gap. This can be random, or you can schedule regular bonding time. 

The body heals with play

the mind heals with laugher 

and the spirit heals with joy

What are you feeding your Mind, Body and Spirit? Pay attention and make adjustments as needed.  Connect with one of our advisors to get answers, clarity or neutral insights. 

Rituals For Finding Love

Rituals for finding love

If you’re feeling a little lost in love, you may be asking hopeful questions like, “What is a love spell”, and “Do love spells work?” Simple love spells or rituals are mindful activities intended to attract love into your life. These can work as long as you’re not targeting a specific person. You can’t change an individual’s emotions, but you create positive energy that will naturally attract love from the right person.

Mindful Meditation

Manifest the love story of your dreams by meditating on what your life will be like when you’ve found your true love. Don’t give your lover a specific face or name. Simply sense their presence and focus on manifesting a partner that has the right qualities.

Visualize an ordinary day as it would play out with your ideal partner. Do you linger over your morning coffee in the dining room or spend extra time snuggled in bed? Do they send you supportive messages during the day or meet you for lunch on your break? Drawing up a clear image of the life you want will help you manifest it.

Love Spells With Crystals

Certain crystals are known to support self-love and help attract loving relationships. Rose quartz is the most popular of these. Keep a piece under your pillow or bedside the bed, wear rose quartz jewelry, or simply carry one in your pocket. This has the perfect vibration for attracting love.

Gratitude Love Rituals

It’s easiest to attract love when you have a deep well of self-love in place. The best love spells aren’t really spells as much as they’re natures way to attract. Begin a gratitude ritual where you write down the things you’re thankful for and the qualities that you love about yourself every evening. This will draw similar feelings of love and appreciation from others.

Simple rituals can support your own sense of self-love and help love grow with others.