Healing with Crystals

Since the time of ancient civilizations, people have used crystals to release physical, spiritual, and mental blockages. Crystals boost the free flow of energy through your body. Here are six crystals that can help you heal.


If you’re searching for a natural way to relieve stress, look to the amethyst crystal. This crystal encourages your inner strength. In the process of working with this crystal you can also develop a strong business sense and even wealth. Amethyst is great for fostering clarity of mind, which helps you tune in to your feelings. It repels negative energy while attracting positive energy.


Valued for thousands of years, bloodstone is a powerful healing stone. Its healing energy helps to detoxify and purify your body, and it helps cleanse you of negative energy by keeping you grounded. At the same time, this stone boosts strength and overall energy, which gives your body a constant and balanced energy flow. Consider using this stone if you’re an athlete or have a job that involves signficant physical activity. Speaking with a phone psychic will help you find out if using Bloodstone can improve your energy and health.


When you’re experiencing a transition, Chrysocolla can have a great positive impact. This peaceful stone will calm and soothe you in periods of high stress. By gently drawing off all kinds of negative energies, this stone helps you get through transitions like job changes or breakups. It’s also great for everyday challenges, bringing you self-awareness and inner balance. Chrysocolla also connects with your Throat Chakra, which helps create a flow of words to better express yourself.


Peridot is another useful crystal in trying times. Valued for centuries as a healing stone, Peridot carries a positive energy as a high-vibrational Heart Chakra crystal. Talk to a psychic if you’re in the midst of a traumatic emotional experience to learn how to use Peridot to bring out happiness, light, and unconditional love.


Another powerful Heart Chakra stone, Rhodochrosite boosts feelings of self-worth, self-love, and self-esteem. It’s a strong crystal with the power for emotional healing. It vibrates with love’s energy, encouraging you to love yourself to reach happiness. This crystal gives you courage to face things that you might have previously been afraid to face.


Selenite is the perfect crystal for all kinds of energy clearing. It clears, shields, and protects your energy body and unblocks stagnant or negative energy for a smooth positive energy flow. Selenite also magnifies the energy of other crystals you place on it, which makes it ideal for recharging your healing crystals.

We are naturally receptive to vibrations of crystals as they reflect, transmit, and receive energy. Placing crystals on your body has a powerful vibratory effect that moves from the crystal to you, healing in various ways.