Is It Possible To Cleanse Your Aura?

As energy fields that surround living beings and inanimate objects alike, auras can say so much about the bearer. What if negative energies, blockages, and asynchronous issues have left your aura feeling off balance? Read on to learn whether it’s possible to cleanse your aura.

What Your Aura Says About You

Auras can speak volumes, with their multiple layers of spiritual, emotional, and physical elements. Though they hold all colors of the rainbow, auras change according to the bearer’s mood and emotional state. If you’re feeling positive and happy, your aura will extend far beyond your physical body, but if you’re feeling negative or sad, your aura will contract and remain much closer to your person.

What Is an Aura Blockage?

A number of issues can cause your aura to become blocked or distorted. Negative thoughts directed toward you, emotions that you haven’t fully processed, and past life experiences are just some of the concerns that can block your aura. With a past life reading, you may be able to get to the root of some of your thoughts. Spiritual problems and emotional issues can also throw your aura out of synchronization. All of these imbalances can leave you feeling tired, negative, and disconnected. When this happens, it’s necessary to cleanse your aura.

Visualize Your Aura

Start the cleansing process by visualizing your aura. You can do this by sitting or laying down in a comfortable position for about 15 minutes. Concentrate on breathing continuously, with no space between each inhale and exhale. Do your best to feel your breath and how it extends to your fingers and toes. Envision a white light originating over your head and slowly enveloping your whole body. Know that you’re safe with this universal white light surrounding you.

Cleanse Your Aura

Next, envision this light spreading its energy far and wide, touching everything around you. Remember that everything the light touches is a safe area, and you’re surrounded by nothing but protection and love. Dig deep into your subconscious, and ask yourself what you really want in life. How can you make your desires come to fruition? What do you have to offer to others, and what do you need? How can you make yourself feel as good as possible?

Effects of a Healthy Aura

Once you’ve worked through these questions until you can trace the problematic emotions back to their origin, your aura will be restored to a healthy state. You’ll begin to feel the myriad effects, starting with the calm that comes with knowing where your emotions stem from. When you understand the source, you no longer have to let fleeting negative feelings get the best of you. Don’t forget to take care of your physical and spiritual self, too, in order to maintain a healthy, positive aura that will extend out and touch others.

If you need help working through some of the emotional issues associated with your aura, a psychic chat may help. A healthy aura goes a long way toward emotional, spiritual, and even physical wellbeing.