Explore Your Need to Ground Yourself

You’ve probably found yourself feeling out of control or scatterbrained many times in your life. It is only natural to feel overwhelmed by the world today and all our responsibilities. Fortunately, learning how to ground yourself can help you get back to who you really are.

What Is Grounding, and Why Is It Important?

When you’re grounded, you become aware that you’re inhabiting a physical body. At the same time, you can grow into a more spiritual being. Grounding can make a huge difference in your everyday existence. It enhances the balance you feel in both your emotional and physical states, bringing you strength and helping you accept that you’re here for a purpose.

Grounding also gives you an outlet, which makes releasing energy simpler. Grounding allows you to achieve higher levels of spirituality. You can ground yourself at the start of rituals and use what you’ve learned as you go about your day-to-day life.

How to Know If You’re Not Grounded

There are some common symptoms that come with being ungrounded. Often, an individual will experience the same couple of symptoms every time they enter this state. Getting an online psychic reading is one way to grow more attuned to your own body’s reactions and responses.

Feeling “spaced out” is one common sign of being ungrounded. Daydreaming and even dizziness can signal it too. If you find yourself having great ideas but being unable to put them into motion, or if you’re not able to get your point across even though you’re arguing constantly, you may not be grounded.

Prepare to Ground Yourself

If you’re feeling out of control and forgetful, you need to ground yourself. This brings you back to your true self. Exercises like meditation and visualization can get you there through grounding. First, though, you need to get ready.

Turn off all electronics, like televisions and cell phones, and find a quiet place to be alone for about 20 minutes. Though not essential, doing this outside with your bare feet on the earth will make your experience even better. If you phone a psychic to discuss your practice beforehand, you can figure out an ideal place you might not otherwise consider. Sit upright with your feet planted on the ground and then let your arms hang at your sides comfortably or rest your hands on your lap. 

Focus and Visualization

Once you’re ready, close your eyes and turn your attention to your breathing. Breathe slowly in and out through your nose for a few minutes until you no longer have to put any effort into it. Give yourself some moments for your body to relax completely, feeling the tension seep out of every muscle.

Then, begin the visualization. Imagine gold light radiating from your crown chakra, continuing to move through your body all the way to your feet. This meditation practice will allow you to ground yourself.

Grounding yourself is very important when dealing with the stressors we all face in our daily lives. By learning how to ground yourself, you’ll restore balance to your life and get back to being your true self.