What Are Energy Leaks and How Do You Heal Them?

When you hear the word “energy,” you might think of your activity and alertness levels throughout the day. But there’s another type of energy that can actually have a much greater effect on your happiness: your spiritual energy. This life force can be restored or drained away depending on your mental state and the circumstances in your life. Unfortunately, you might not recognize when your energy is decreasing. Learn how to detect and heal energy leaks for a more content and balanced life.

What Causes Energy Leaks?

One of the most common contributors to energy leaks is multi-tasking. If you’re taking on too many obligations and responsibilities, your mind and body will both tire quickly. When you couple exhaustion with a lack of time for yourself, it’s like your spirit develops holes or cracks where the energy begins to leak out.

You may also experience an energy leak from difficult interpersonal situations like a breakup, a fight with a friend, or the loss of a loved one. Strong emotional responses to these situations are natural, but when you don’t deal with those feelings in a healthy way, it drains your energy more and more by the day.

Other possible triggers for energy leaks include work problems, social pressure, addiction, and physical illness or disease. Some people also experience energy leaks during certain cycles of the celestial bodies.

How to Recognize an Energy Leak

For some people, it’s hard to tell whether they’re actually leaking energy. Here are some signs that indicate your life force is draining due to the circumstances you’re in:

  • You can’t seem to focus on the present. You’re continually caught up in your problems to the point where you can’t relax and enjoy the current moment.
  • There’s no time set aside for you. Giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy restorative experiences like regular psychic chat readings, yoga practice, or meditation is crucial for maintaining your spiritual energy levels.
  • Your emotions are running high. If you experience emotional reactivity with angry outbursts, crying jags, or episodes of extreme stress, it’s a sign that your energy is leaking.

Plugging the Energy Leaks in Your Life

Once you’ve recognized a leak in your spiritual energy, it’s time to go about fixing it. Begin by making a list of all the things that are causing your life force to drain and do your best to fix the smaller items right away.

Turn to a trusted friend, family member, or romantic partner for support as you tackle more troubling issues. Get a psychic reading by phone to help clarify your path. The more time you take for self-care and introspection, the easier it will be to fix the energy leaks in your life.

Over time, you can plug up each and every hole in your spirit that’s causing your energy to drain away. Maintain a happy and balanced life by staying tuned in to your spiritual energy levels each day.