Signs And Symptoms Of A Spiritual Awakening

As the name suggests, a spiritual awakening is an experience that makes you feel more awake to what’s happening around you. Before a spiritual awakening, you typically experience the world in a very dry and simplified manner. However, you won’t recognize the depth of what you were missing until after the awakening has occurred. A spiritual awakening is usually the result of deep introspective thinking and difficult shadow work evaluating your beliefs and actions in a more honest and open light.

While you can work toward this type of enlightenment, you can’t force it. Here are some signs that an awakening is about to occur or has just taken place.

Seeing Yourself in Others

One false sign of a mistaken spiritual awakening is the sudden sense that you have it “right” and others are still operating “wrong.” This may indicate some type of personal revelation, but it’s not a spiritual awakening. One who is truly awakened sees a bit of themselves in every person they meet and understands the intrinsic oneness of us all.

Seeing Your Past in a New Light

A spiritual awakening will typically give you new insights into the meaning and relevance of your current situation based on a deeper understanding of the past. The process of a spiritual awakening involves revisiting some of what’s happened to you before and making a deep peace with these situations. As you’re undergoing an awakening, you may notice your focus shifting from planning for the future to staying more mindful of the present. 

Getting Friendly With Your Shadow Self

Some people falsely believe that a spiritual awakening means shedding your darker side and becoming one with pure love and light. However, a true awakening revolves around getting to know and make peace with your shadow self. This darker side is always present. Only embracing it can you truly reach a higher level of spirituality.

Noticing Greater Synchronicity

A spiritual awakening will help you recognize a greater sense of synchronicity in the design of the universe. You are receiving signs and communications at all times, but you will become more receptive of these as you approach a true spiritual awakening. Speaking with a psychic can help you tune in to some of these messages. After a true spiritual awakening occurs, you’ll likely see signs of the greater oneness of the universe all around you.

Detaching From Preconceived Notions

A spiritual awakening calls you to reevaluate what you previously believed to be true. As you become more awakened, you’ll strip away some of the beliefs that have limited you and begin to experience the world more wholly, free from the constraints of others’ opinions and thoughts.