Spiritual Cleansing Ritual With Crystals

Spiritual Cleansing Ritual With Crystals

The healing power present when working with crystals is one of the best ways to maximize your cleansing ritual. Working with crystals is a special, personal experience. Just like how we don’t all decorate our spaces the same, no one person uses crystals in the same way. Feel free to adapt this spiritual cleansing ritual with crystals to what suits you best.

Crystals are amplifiers of your intentions, and so are rituals. Both crystals and rituals are magnified when done along with a naturally occurring event that honors the qualities of the crystal and intention of the ritual. For example, a cleansing ritual, which is for removing something, can be done during a natural ending event, such as the sunset, low tide, waning moon, the last day of a given season, etc. This natural ending event is seen as a Goddess-ordained state of outflow, which is when things are flowing out and ending.  That said, you are welcome to do this ritual at any time, regardless of whether there is or is not a natural state of outflow.

Ritual Prep:

  1. Pick a time of outflow and set aside uninterrupted time.
  2. Intuitively choose three crystals for this ritual, or use a crystal dictionary to find crystals that help with cleansing. Some suggestions are citrine, smokey quartz, black tourmaline, labradorite and bloodstone.
  3. Set an intention of what you would like to purify and cleansed in your life.
  4. Optional. Light a candle or take a shower before.


  1. During the natural outflow event or whenever is right for you, hold the crystal in your hands, place one on the floor next to you and place one on your head. If you are lying down, place one under a pillow, one on the floor or bed you are lying on and one in your hands.
  2. Add up the numbers of your birthday. For example, January 13th, 1991 when added up is 25.
  3. For the following mantra, say it at your own pace either for the length of time your birthdate adds up to or say the mantra the number of times your birthdate adds up to. You might also opt to write it out for the same number of times your birthday adds up to. For example, for the same birthdate previously mentioned you can meditate on the mantra for 25mins or say it 25 times or write it 25 times
  4. Invite the healing properties and amplifying nature of the crystals to lend their power to you and use the following mantra in the best way that suits you.

I give myself permission to have ______ cleansed from my mind, body and soul.

I choose to now to be fully healed from _____ and be whole.

I invoke this within and without, above and below, throughout shadow and light

I am ready for love, goodness and what is right

After the ritual is complete, give thanks and have gratitude as you surrender to the truth that as this mantra is said, it is so and so will forever be.

Crystal Gridding With Nature

The spring and summer months are the best times to make and use nature crystal grids. I would suggest taking a short walk in a park or your backyard. Ask to be divinely guided by your own intuition on what grid to create and what items to collect for it. As you do so, observe any natural geometric patterns in nature that stand out to you. What stands out to you does so because it is in resonance with the beauty of your soul. Like attracts like. You wouldn’t be able to recognize beauty if you weren’t also a beautiful creation of Mother Nature. You can think of your beauty being reflected back to you in the patterns of rocks or in the intricate of flowers.

Pick up certain things from nature that stand out to you or ask a plant if it is okay with you picking things off from its branches. Then, place them in a pattern that feels right to you and also place crystals in it or around it. Ask for the hand of Mother Nature to bless your creation and to honor any intentions you have. You can leave the nature crystal grid out overnight if you want, or place near the entry and exit points -windows and doors- of your home so that your home is blessed by Mother Nature and the crystalline grid.