How To Cleanse Your Aura

Just like your physical body experiences and exhibits the negative effects of stress, illness, and emotional duress, your aura can also be muddied by toxic relationships, family problems, and other negative energies. Bright, clear, luminous auric colors become dull, cloudy, and fragmented. Instead of feeling happy and energetic, you feel tired, sluggish, and simply not yourself. Fortunately, you can rid yourself of negative energies by cleansing your aura.

Aura Cleansing

There are several ways to cleanse your aura. Some techniques rely on physical activities, others are more mental or visual. Luckily, aura cleansing is something that you can do yourself in the comfort of your home with simple tools that you most likely already have.

How to Cleanse Your Aura

Water cleansing is one way to do an aura cleanse. It can be done while you are enjoying a quiet shower, a relaxing scented soak in the tub, or even while standing out in the rain. Focus on the feeling of the water hitting every part of your body while taking in several calming, deep breaths. Visualize the water taking all of your problems and stresses along with it as it flows off of you and down the drain.

Smudging is another way to cleanse your aura. A Native American ritual, smudging is simply the burning of sacred herbs or wood, such as thyme, sage, cedar, or palo santo, and using the smoke to cleanse the space in which your aura resides.

Yet another way to cleanse your aura is to sit quietly and use meditation to help release negative energy and emotions.

Learning how to cleanse your aura can make profound energetic shifts in your life. If you are finding yourself drained by the negative energy in your life, cleansing your aura can help you find the healing and balance you seek.