Healing Your Aura

Auras are not constant.  Because auras are energy that emanates from your body and are a combination of your mind, emotions, and physical state, they can shift and change for a variety of reasons. 

The brightness and clarity of the color of your aura can signify how happy, peaceful or physically healthy you are.  Your physical, mental, and emotional health are all manifested out into your aura visually.

So the color and intensity of your aura can be affected by what you eat, what you are struggling with emotionally or how your aura itself interacts with other people’s auras.  This part of yourself can be hurt by others, or by substances like drugs, or even toxic emotional trauma you have endured.

These damages can show up as dark, muddy or murky shadows discoloring your aura.  If you have a disease or serious drug use it can turn your aura cloudy or hazy as well with a light film to it.

People who have endured negativity over time, or have been corrupted in some ways as with bigotry, hateful beliefs or dangerous behavior, their auras can even seem viscous or oily and look like an oil slick on pavement or gasoline haze on fresh water.

Just like illness and damage to your physical and mental body can be healed through the medical arts and therapy, damage to your aura can be healed as well.

One option is a healing bath.  Taking a candlelight bath that has been filled with Himalayan salts or even common Epsom salt can do wonders for healing your aura from new or light damage or can be the beginning of healing for deeper wounds.

This works because it is combining salt which is an earth element, with water, the strongest water element there is, and fire which is a combination of fire and air because fire cannot exist without air.  This is a technique using the four elements to help your energy heal and find a peaceful balance.

Meditation is another healing method.  It takes practice but it involves focusing on your breathing and allowing thoughts to flow freely through your mind without allowing any to take root.  Meditation can help your mind, body and emotions all come to balance through the calming effect of slowing and elongating your breath.  Doing this on a daily basis can fight auric damage in the short term and long term.

Yoga can also help balance and heal your aura.  Yoga is a blend of physical and mental strength building that can calm your emotions and strengthen your aura over time.  Many people are intimidated by this option because they don’t think they are flexible enough, but a good yogi can help you start from wherever you are right now and grow into a healthy yoga practice.

For damage that is deep or sustained over time Reiki is the best way to heal your aura.  Reiki is a form of energy healing.  The Reiki practitioner will draw on the universal energy that surrounds us at all times, focusing it through their hands to help that energy flow over and through your aura to balance and heal it.   You can also take classes from a Reiki Master to learn to use Reiki to heal and balance your own aura over time.