How to Set Intentions Going Into the New Year

The new year is a popular time for setting intentions. The quiet winter season is perfect for deep introspection and planning. Learn how to set intentions for the new year using mantras, rituals, and meditation that will help you maintain steady progress throughout the coming months.

Meditate on Your Intentions

Quiet your mind and meditate on your new year intentions. Visualize your best self for the coming year and evaluate what’s different about you. Are you healthier? More energetic? Surrounded by friends? Nesting in a new home? Let this visualization guide your intention setting.

Develop a Mantra

Create a succinct mantra that summarizes your primary goal for the coming year. If you want to get in better shape, consider “I am strong.” If you’re pursuing deeper spirituality, try “I am one with the universe.” This statement will keep you focused on your goal.

Create a New Year’s Eve Ritual

New Year’s Eve rituals with spiritual components can help solidify your goal. This might include:

  • Lighting a symbolic candle and meditating or praying on your intention.
  • Writing down things you’re letting go of and burning the paper.
  • Cleansing yourself of negative energies with sage or crystals.
  • Holding a crystal or talisman and focusing your intention on the object so you can keep the piece close as a focal point and reminder.

Plan for New Moon Manifesting

Divide your goal into 12 actionable steps and set individual new moon intentions that you want to accomplish throughout the year. Follow the cycle of the moon as you work through each step of your ultimate goal.

  • Set your intention on a new phase of your goal with the new moon.
  • Take action to achieve your goal during the waxing moon.
  • Celebrate your successes with the full moon.
  • Rest, evaluate, and refocus with the waning moon.

Mindful preparation for the new year will help you set meaningful intentions that will propel your life forward.