Manifesting Abundance While You Sleep

Your sleeping mind is an amazing organ.  It allows you to work through problems and issues you can’t seem to solve during the day.  It can help you to let go of bad memories from your past.  And if used correctly, it can help to manifest desires from hopes into actualities.  Your mind is energy incarnate and can draw to itself other energy from the universe.  It can act like a magnet, attracting things to you or in reverse, it can repel things from your life.

In order to allow yourself to manifest abundance while you sleep, it is important to understand what abundance means to you.  A wonderful way to do this is to journal about it.  Take time to sit alone and write out what your life would look like, if there were no barriers to it.  What does abundance translate out to for you and what would your life entail with abundance?  Write it out in your journal in as much detail as possible.  Write down all the different scenarios of how your life would play out with abundance surrounding you.

It is important not just to write the details, but also describe how you would feel once the abundance has manifested.  Focus on the emotions this would create for you.

Then write out any barriers to that abundance coming into your life.  What is holding you back from achieving those desires?  What kind of blocks are between you and the abundance you crave?

During this exercise, don’t just focus on the tangible obstacles, but also focus on what you believe about yourself deep down inside.  Do you believe you deserve to be happy?  Do you feel that you are worthy of abundance in your life?

Sometimes it isn’t just the external walls put up by life that keeps abundance at bay, sometimes it is the deep down self doubts that churn under the surface that self sabotage our own happiness. 

By writing all those things out, both positive and negative, it will help your mind sort through it all later and have a clear representation of what you want and why you don’t already have it.

Now as you are preparing for bed, don’t dwell on what you have written.  Your subconscious mind works best when you don’t try to force it.  Just say the following every night before bed:

“I will allow abundance to come into my life.”

“I deserve abundance.”

“Abundance will be mine.”

“Abundance will manifest in my life in all the ways possible.”

It is important for you to believe these things.  But you don’t have to believe it right away.  You have heard the term fake it till you make it?  Well that can work with this too.  Say these things aloud and try to believe them, but be patient with yourself if you don’t believe it deeply in your heart right away.

By repetition, and being open, the belief will come, and so will the abundance.