The ‘Science’ of Connecting to Your Source

Spirituality and Metaphysics may seem woo-woo to some people. However, a growing body of research by physicists, psychologists and neuroscientists now show that there is a scientific and measurable energy field around our human bodies, and around all living things, along with new discoveries in the areas of Quantum Physics and Epigenetic’s with source energy and spirituality. 

Growing up we learned that our body is made of cells, organs, bones and tissue and that we get our DNA and make-up from our biological parents. Many of us are also becoming aware that we are created with a mind, body and a soul. And that the secret to leading a happier life is in learning to find ways to increase the balance and harmony between these areas.

They key is to calm down and connect with source energy. The essence and growing popularity of meditation, yoga and Reiki, to mention a few powerful ways to focus our mind and body energy, shows that we are embracing this combination of finding peace in our existence even when we may not totally understand why it works. And that is more than ok. Many of us do not understand all the details of electricity or technology — yet we benefit from it every day. LOL.

Whether you choose to walk in the woods and connect with nature, do Reiki or Meditate daily, create artwork, jam to your favorite music or follow your workout routine, these techniques help to disconnect you from the daily grind and allow you to relax into a place of peace. 

When your physical and energy body is relaxed, balanced and at peace, your entire life will be better. Think about what makes you really happy and lights you up inside. And if you can’t go on that magical vacation right now, find other ways to bring happiness. Scan through online videos that set the mood, rewatch favorite movies, read or listen to books or create your own imaginary getaway. 

Most of all, add more laughter in your life. Enjoy the journey. Find an advisor that calls to you, and they can help you make even deeper connections.