Source Energy

What does it mean when people say the word source or the phrase source energy? The idea behind source is that there is energy that surrounds us and binds everything together in the entire universe.  From the smallest ingredients in an atom to the largest sun in the galaxy, we are all made up of the same building blocks and energy connecting it all. 

Where did it come from?  Religions have always had individual explanations for it, as did every ancient civilization throughout history.  They each may call it by a different name; from Christianity’s God, to Nu in ancient Egypt, to the Aztec Quetzalcoatil, to science’s Big Bang, there is an underlying theme of the universe springing up from somewhere.   

According to Einstein’s first law of thermodynamics, energy can be neither created nor destroyed.  This means the energy of the universe has always been here and will always be here in some form.  The term source or source energy has gone through lots of other incarnations over time.  But the idea that there is a collective energy that flows throughout the universe is not a new idea.  Source is the idea that no matter what your religion or belief system, there is something that all of us, and everything in the universe, came from or is connected to, the energy flowing between all things. 

Whatever it is, we came from it and when we die, our energy passes back into it, just like our bodies go back into the earth to help rejuvenate the planet from which all physical life here grew from.  Source is really all of us, and everything in the Universe.  The collective knowledge of everything that has ever existed or will ever exist. 

Many people call upon source for help, or look to it for answers.  When you hear someone say “I am calling upon source for answers,” or “What does source want from me?” What they are really saying is they are trying to connect to the source energy all around them to try to open themselves up to the answers they are seeking. 

It is somewhat akin to going to the library or using the internet to do research.  You are looking to something bigger than yourself for the knowledge you don’t have.  People throughout time have looked up to the heavens and believed wishing on a star could bring you something you desire, or that maybe there were answers to be found in the heavens because it looks so big and all encompassing.

What we have to remember is that we are from this energy and we will pass back into this energy.  It isn’t something “outside of ourselves,” we are source too.