Soul Sex

Soul Sex

Soul sex takes intimacy to another level. This type of experience is deeply fulfilling and helps you form a stronger, deeper connection with your partner.

What Is Soul Sex?

Soul sex takes your intimate experiences beyond the physical realm into something deeper. Emotional lovemaking gets you closer to soul sex, but this level of spiritual intimacy transcends even a deeply emotional sexual encounter. Soul lovemaking feeds the deep desires of your inner spiritual being, allowing you to connect with your partner at the soul level.

How to Have Soul Sex

Connecting sex and soul can be challenging, especially if you’re in the habit of putting on a physical performance or thinking about pleasing your partner. When you’re having soul sex, you let go of surface concerns like how you look or what to do with your body next. You form a deep soul connection with your partner and act from a place of knowing at your root that you’re serving your highest good. You may need to work on healing your soul before you can engage in enriching soul sex with someone else.

Some ways you can slip into a more soulful sexual experience include:

  • Looking into your partner’s eyes: Look deeply into your partner’s eyes and hold their gaze. This helps you connect with one another beyond the purely physical realm.
  • Considering your feelings: Check in with your emotions. Stop anything that makes you feel self-conscious, concerned, or dissatisfied. Pursue only those things that are deeply fulfilling.
  • Slowing down to reconnect: Step away from the race to climax and stay in the current moment. If you find yourself drifting away from the present, slow down, step back, and return to a period of foreplay until you feel you’ve reconnected.

Enjoying the deep intimacy of soul sex is something you may need to work on with your partner until you feel you’re both achieving a sense of deep connection.

Why Is It So Hard To Love Ourselves

Why Is It So Hard For Us To Love Ourselves?

There is something about our society that over time has shown women that they have to be nurturers or caregivers.  This not only gives women a skewed self worth ideal, but also sets them up for years of self sabotage for not being enough to someone else. 

The opposite is true of how, for years, society has set up men for emotional failure.  For men, they are seen as weak or as less than if they show any emotions at all. 

Both of these stereotypical ideals of what people are supposed to be and strive for, sets both genders up for burnout, isolation, and a sense of failure.

How do we fight against this?  Self love is a good place to start.  It is easy to say, “love yourself” and one of the hardest challenges a person can face.  Childhood obstacles and trauma, unrealistic expectations of perfection, and measuring people by Hollywood standards make looking yourself in the mirror and saying “I like who I see,” let alone, “I love myself,” an uphill battle.

Where can one begin fighting against this near impossible challenge?  Small steps are the best way to attack any journey or mountain that seems too big to undertake. 

Make a list of things you like or admire about yourself.  Even if there is only one item on your list, start there.  Do more of whatever it is that makes you feel that positive way about yourself.  If you are proud of your artistic ability, then take a small amount of time each and every day to do something artistic.

If you think you have beautiful hair, then make sure to pamper yourself with special shampoo or a salon visit more often than you have been doing.

Whatever it is that is on your list, embrace it and celebrate it.  Once you start focusing on the good things you view about yourself, and feeding into that feeling about you, it will grow and branch out.  After a while you will start to see that maybe you have other things you like about yourself too. 

The second step to loving yourself is to begin to have compassion for you as you are right now.  So many people say “I would be happy if only…” about themselves or who they are.  It is an incredibly hard thing to think about yourself and have compassion for who you are right now this minute.  The reason for this is because we have unrealistic expectations about ourselves, so much moreso than we do of anyone else. 

Think of something you don’t like about yourself, whether it is your body-shape, or your inability to be as strong or as smart as you think you should be.  Now imagine your very best friend has those same qualities, I bet you would love them exactly as they are in whatever body, or abilities they have, because you see their worth, not for their body or the capabilities, but because of who they are.  Try turning that lens towards yourself.

Loving yourself and what makes you special and a unique individual is a wonderful way to fill your tank for the hard things you have to do every day.

How To Heal Your Soul

If you’re experiencing a variety of symptoms that doctors seemingly can’t diagnose, the health of your soul may be at the core of these issues. This guide will lead you through the process of spiritual healing and explore how it can happen. You’ll learn how to heal your soul and how to continue to care for yourself as an ongoing process.

What Does It Mean to Heal Your Soul?

Do you want to know how to get your soul back?

True healing is a path of transformation. This journey leads to a strong mind and body connection that frees the heart and the soul. It often requires a mixture of interventions such as movement, nutrition, and energetic cleansing. As we heal, we grow beyond illness or disease to a destination of wellness.

How to Heal Your Soul

What are the best ways to help your soul? Spiritual healing addresses your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. It eliminates toxins that undercut our wellness and allows you to become whole. The best approach is to do right by your body. Eat healthy foods, exercise, and sleep. Nurture your relationships and free your soul from ego’s harmful effects.

How Does Soul Healing Work?

Does soul healing work? Contemporary medical interventions often focus on just one element of an illness: the physical. This narrow approach rarely leads to wellness. Healing is a whole package deal. You’ll begin to transcend your challenges once you care for all four areas of your being.

Continuing Your Soul’s Care

Once you understand how to heal your soul, you must continue this practice reap the benefits long term. It often takes daily practice to realize full spiritual healing.

Embark on a journey to a fulfilling destination,and start your path toward healing your soul today. Use this guide to help light your way to wholeness.

What Is Soul Healing?

Join us as we discuss what soul healing is and how it can help you mentally, emotionally, and even physically. With this guide, you’ll learn how to tell if you need soul healing as well as simple ways to start the process of true spiritual wellness.

What Is Soul Healing?

Soul healing is a system that goes beyond traditional medicine, and energetic and physical healing. It has a direct and powerful impact on all aspects of life: emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. This process can help relieve the mind of anxiety and sorrow and may help resolve a variety of physical health issues like illness.

How Do you Know You Need Healing?

Negative energy vibrations, such as greed, jealousy, and hate, it can manifest in our bodies as pain. If you feel trapped or bogged down or you simply don’t feel love for life, you may need spiritual healing. Many of us focus too much on the material aspect of life and forget that everything we need to feel complete comes from inside us. We become more concerned about the image we portray on social media than in our real, day-to-day relationships with ourselves and others.

How to Achieve Soul to Soul Healing

There are as many ways to heal your soul</a> as there are problems that afflict it. Soul healing often starts when we recognize that there is more to life than our Earthly experiences. Respect others, learn from your actions and choices, and acknowledge that each day is a new opportunity to move closer to achieving your goals. As our soul evolves and grows, so will our journey to wellness.

Continue to practice your soul healing rituals, and your mind and bodies will thank you — and so will your loved ones. By healing ourselves, we help improve our collective souls

Healing Your Own Soul

Balance is an integral part of being the best version of yourself.  When you feel out of balance, whether it is in your physical body, your mind, or your soul, no part of you can be completely healthy.  We focus much of our attention on physical ailments and mental health, but sometimes it can be easy to forget that there is a third deeper part of ourselves that needs attention too.

One of the easiest ways to heal your soul is to feed it with good input instead of the constant bombardment of stress that normal life sends your way.  This can be different for every person.  The important thing is to do it often and with purpose.

For example, some people feel the most alive when they are deep in the forest or surrounded by nature.  For those kinds of people, they need to spend time in nature to rejuvenate and heal their soul.  There are other people that feel invigorated by being around other people in order to feel their best.  For them they need to make time to be out and around others in order to get energy for their soul. 

Music, art or dance is the medicine for many people.  It doesn’t really matter what the food is that your soul thrives on, it only matters that you do it regularly to recharge your battery.

The specific ingredients that feed your soul may be different but the way to heal it is the same for everyone and that is doing the things that are best for you and your well being as often and as much as possible, being fully present and not distracted while doing so.

If it is so easy to heal your soul, why don’t people do it?  The answer is that in many societies, taking time for yourself and focusing totally on your own needs is viewed as selfish.  If this is done in a meaningless or thoughtless with complete disregard for others, I can completely understand that attitude, because if everyone is only doing what is right for themselves then we would be in a very chaotic, dangerous world.  It makes sense that we give back to others and look out for our neighbors and aren’t just selfishly living our lives without thought of what it might do to society as a whole.  That isn’t what I am talking about.

Taking time for soul healing is more akin to when you are told at the beginning of a flight, that in case of emergency, put your oxygen mask on yourself first before trying to do so for others.  If you burn your candle at both ends, and never feed your own soul what it specifically needs, then eventually you will burn out and won’t be any good for anyone.

By taking time out of your schedule, especially when you are at your busiest, to give back to yourself and do things that reinvigorate you and heal your soul, then you can be twice as efficient with the rest of your time and have plenty of energy to spare for those who are depending on you.  It isn’t selfish to spend time doing things that heal you, it is extremely good for yourself, for your family and for the world if you are functioning at your highest level.

Soul Healing

Our souls are the quintessential part of ourselves.  They are the part that never changes no matter what happens to our minds or our bodies, the basis for who we truly are.  Many people believe that we don’t just live one lifetime but can have the opportunity to live multiple lives because our souls don’t die along with our bodies.  They can stay here on Earth as spirits, or move on to a higher plane of existence, or even become reincarnated back into another physical body.

It is understood by many that what happens in our minds affects our bodies and what happens in our bodies affects our minds.  But many people don’t realize that trauma or pain that occurs in our souls can affect both our minds and our bodies.

So just as our childhood experiences or trauma can affect us as adults without us having conscious understanding of why or how, so too can trauma or experiences that our souls have endured in a past life affect our current manifestation of ourselves in this life without us understanding where the issues are coming from.

This is where soul healing can come in.  There are varied ways that you can heal your soul.  Reiki is a tremendously valuable tool to aid in this process as it not only heals our minds and bodies, but can also aid in the healing of our souls.

Meditation can also heal our full selves over time, not just calming our mind and aiding the healing of the physical form, but it can also tap into the deeper parts of ourselves, our souls and aid in the understanding of where soul pain and damage have happened, thus allowing us to begin the healing process.

Yoga can aid in soul healing because it helps to solidify the mind/body/soul connection and bring about balance to all three parts of ourselves through movement and breath work.

Past life regression is another helpful way to heal your soul and any trauma that might be manifesting from previous incarnations.  For this you will need a professional who specializes in past life work that can guide you through the process of sifting through memories from this life back into the memories of previous lives you have lived.

Therapy is not just for healing and dealing with problems associated in this life.  The issues and problems affecting your soul that are discovered through the aforementioned practices might need professional help to heal just like pain and issues that you experience in this life can benefit from a mental health care professional’s aid.  You don’t have to explain that the issues you discover connect to a past life, since that isn’t always accepted belief systems in the mental health field, but the problems associated with soul pain are just as valid and in need of help from a therapist as any from this life. 

It is always good to seek out help from professionals when dealing with soul healing, whether it be a Reiki treatment, a Yoga session, Past Life Regression or Therapy there are professionals to help you on your journey towards your best self.

Work In Harmony With Your Soul’s Intention

Many believe that because our souls are boundless, they are able to store consciousness throughout multiple live times. More commonly, this is called reincarnation. With the idea of reincarnation comes the question of why we reincarnate. Some believe that we reincarnate in order to learn and master life lessons. Others believe that our soul simply likes potentiality to be explored through human experiences. Personally, I believe that any positive reason our minds can conjure is applicable to a soul somewhere.  What’s more important is that YOU discover the reason why you are here in order to work in harmony with your soul’s intention, which of course, then brings the following question of how do I do that. Below are 9 suggestions:

  1. Contemplate. Set aside uninterrupted time to remember your childhood. Some had dreams, others had an inner knowing, and many had experiences as to why they are here. The memories don’t have to give you the full answer to why you are here, but they can start the ball rolling. If that doesn’t help, consider asking yourself the following questions because the answer is likely one of the reasons your soul wants you on Earth. What are my passions? What do you love? What am I naturally good at or what is easy for me that is hard for others? If I couldn’t fail, what would I do? If I had 24 hours left what legacy would I like to leave?
  2. Meditate. I recommend silent meditation where you practice listening. However, whichever meditation you are drawn towards, use that. Be aware that it usually takes multiple meditations to get a thorough answer.
  3. Psychic Reading. You can have a trusted advisor look into this for you. Sometimes we just need to hear the truth in a different way to understand, accept it and act on it. An objective point of view can validate what you already know or give you more details as to why you are here.
  4. Ask.  Ask your higher self (soul), spirit guides, angels, ancestors to convey your soul’s purpose for being here in such a way that you know it is from them and you can comprehend it. You can ask them to give you physical signs, too.
  5. Regression. You might want to work with a regressionist. Research one with a proven history of success. They can guide you through a meditation, put you in a deep trance/hypnosis to guide you to the answer.
  6. Conscious Dreaming. Asking aloud and/or writing down “what is my soul’s intention for this life” before sleeping will allow the answers to come through while dreaming. I advise practicing lucid dreaming a few weeks before doing this and I also would have you use a dream journal to get in the habit of remembering your dreams and documenting them.
  7. Read or Watch. Through reading or listening to other people’s experiences, it might jolt your own memories. What someone shares might also resonate with you, which means you have the exact same reason for being here as the author or speaker does.
  8. Soul Healing. There are many practitioners with diverse healing modalities that can help you. Working with a practitioner that does soul healing can help you know why you are here and move past roadblocks.
  9. Mystery. We don’t have to figure it all out right now. Enjoy the mystery. Allow for the unfoldment of truth.

Why is it important to know your reason for being here? If you work against your soul’s intention, you are likely to keep coming up against roadblocks. That said, life is life, which means all of us will naturally have challenges to overcome. Don’t assume that because some things go wrong that you’re doing the wrong thing. However, if you consistently try to do something and you have no passion, love or enjoyment of it…it is not your soul’s intention. So, do something else.