Soul Healing

Our souls are the quintessential part of ourselves.  They are the part that never changes no matter what happens to our minds or our bodies, the basis for who we truly are.  Many people believe that we don’t just live one lifetime but can have the opportunity to live multiple lives because our souls don’t die along with our bodies.  They can stay here on Earth as spirits, or move on to a higher plane of existence, or even become reincarnated back into another physical body.

It is understood by many that what happens in our minds affects our bodies and what happens in our bodies affects our minds.  But many people don’t realize that trauma or pain that occurs in our souls can affect both our minds and our bodies.

So just as our childhood experiences or trauma can affect us as adults without us having conscious understanding of why or how, so too can trauma or experiences that our souls have endured in a past life affect our current manifestation of ourselves in this life without us understanding where the issues are coming from.

This is where soul healing can come in.  There are varied ways that you can heal your soul.  Reiki is a tremendously valuable tool to aid in this process as it not only heals our minds and bodies, but can also aid in the healing of our souls.

Meditation can also heal our full selves over time, not just calming our mind and aiding the healing of the physical form, but it can also tap into the deeper parts of ourselves, our souls and aid in the understanding of where soul pain and damage have happened, thus allowing us to begin the healing process.

Yoga can aid in soul healing because it helps to solidify the mind/body/soul connection and bring about balance to all three parts of ourselves through movement and breath work.

Past life regression is another helpful way to heal your soul and any trauma that might be manifesting from previous incarnations.  For this you will need a professional who specializes in past life work that can guide you through the process of sifting through memories from this life back into the memories of previous lives you have lived.

Therapy is not just for healing and dealing with problems associated in this life.  The issues and problems affecting your soul that are discovered through the aforementioned practices might need professional help to heal just like pain and issues that you experience in this life can benefit from a mental health care professional’s aid.  You don’t have to explain that the issues you discover connect to a past life, since that isn’t always accepted belief systems in the mental health field, but the problems associated with soul pain are just as valid and in need of help from a therapist as any from this life. 

It is always good to seek out help from professionals when dealing with soul healing, whether it be a Reiki treatment, a Yoga session, Past Life Regression or Therapy there are professionals to help you on your journey towards your best self.