How To Change The Color Of Your Aura

Did you know that the color of your aura is a reflection of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical state? So, you can intentionally change the vibration, and therefore, change the color of your aura.  How? There are four main ways.

  1.  Spiritual.
     Meditation is the best way to influence your spiritual state. By consistently interacting with the Source of creation in a positive way, your aura will naturally shift and change. There are various ways to meditate. It is important to experiment with the type of meditation that works for you. Be consistent with your meditation in order to see the change in color.
  2. Mental.
    The thoughts you think do reflect in the color vibration of your aura. Thinking positive thoughts influence the color and brightness of your aura, but also, thinking about the truth, no matter how unpleasant, will also brighten your aura. You can intentionally shift the color of your aura by visualizing a specific color. Do this by visualizing a color coating your entire being and Illuminating the space around you. Make sure as you visualize the color that it is clear, pure, and vibrant. There is no wrong color to visualize; it is more important that it is clear, pure and vibrant. Black and brown can all be good colors in the aura when used to honor the true essence of their energy. For example, black is about pre-creation, the womb, and protection. Brown is about nature, stability, mineral richness and family.
  3. Emotional.
     The emotional body is a reflection of how you feel about yourself and how you treat yourself.  Your self-love is reflected in the color vibration of your aura. Spend quality time with yourself, think positive thoughts about yourself, treat yourself well, and your aura will reflect it. The emotional body also reflects your deeds. This means, how you treat other people, nature and live your life will show up in your aura.  When there are discrepancies between what you say and what you actually do, it will show up in your aura as holes, tears or discoloration.
  4. Physical.
     Your aura resonates with the vibration of how healthy you are. Your health and movement affect how you think and feel too. Think of your aura in a holistic way. How you move and how often changes your color.  What you say, do, think, feel, believe and practice, influences the frequency of your illumination. Be as healthy as possible with what you eat. Move your body joyfully. Grounding and being in nature are two of the best ways to clear up your aura.

If you want you can have a friend or go to a psychic circle or simply sign up to have an aura reading and have them pick up on the color vibration in your aura. This has happened to me. I intentionally put a lot of gold in my aura and when I was at a psychic circle in person the woman said I had an aura of gold. The next time I went a few months later, I put a lot of violet in my aura. The woman said there’s a lot of  Violet in your aura that day. Having other people read your aura gives you validation of what you’re doing with your auric field.