How To Balance Your Chakras

Your chakras are the seven primary points of energy in the body. When they’re out of balance, your emotions, health, and mental well-being suffer. Learn how to balance your chakras on your own to keep these energy centers aligned.

How to Heal and Balance Your Chakras

Chakra balancing begins with meditation and visualization to identify chakras you’re having trouble with. These will appear to you as dark or cloudy. You may notice symptoms associated with the organs and body parts impacted by that chakra. Strengthen individual chakras by:

  • Consuming foods associated with that chakra. The root chakra likes root vegetables and proteins. The sacral chakra seeks sweet fruits, honey, and coconut. Feed the solar plexus dairy products, and give the heart chakra leafy greens. Your throat chakra wants liquids. Dark berries nourish the third eye chakra. The crown chakra benefits from fasting or detoxifying.
  • Using gemstones for the chakras. There are several gemstones associated with each chakra. You can try balancing your chakras by carrying gems associated with the chakra that’s out of balance. You can also balance all of your chakras by laying flat with a stone sitting on each of the chakras. Meditate on each chakra, drawing on the energy of its associated stone to clear it.
  • Listen to the right tunes. Each chakra is associated with a musical note. The root is C, sacral is D, solar plexus is E, heart is F, throat is G, third eye is A, and crown is B. Listen to music in that key as you meditate to correct imbalanced chakras.

Chakra Cleansing

If you’re not certain which chakra needs attention, practice general chakra cleansing. Walk barefoot in nature, envisioning energy flowing up through your feet and past each chakra, releasing it through your crown. Use deep breathing exercises and meditation, and envision all chakras as balanced and aligned.

The more you work with your chakras, the better you will become at identifying imbalances. Keeping your chakras healthy will help keep you healthy, too.