What Are the Seven Chakras?

If you’ve researched yoga, meditation, or alternative medicine, you’ve likely heard about chakras. Chakras are vital energy centers in the body corresponding to aspects of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. If you’re wondering just what chakras are in the human body, you’ll find a quick primer on the chakra system below.

What Are the Seven Chakras?

The seven chakras are located in a vertical line in your body, beginning at the base of the spine and continuing to the top of the head. The first chakra, or root chakra, is found at the tailbone and corresponds to base survival instincts. The sacral chakra in the lower abdomen is related to pleasure and sexual well-being. The solar plexus chakra in the stomach area pertains to confidence. 

Your heart chakra, found in the chest, is related to emotions such as love and joy. The throat chakra in your neck corresponds to communication. The third-eye chakra at your forehead is related to intuition and imagination, while the crown chakra at the top of the head connects you to the spiritual plane.

What Are Chakra Colors?

Each chakra has its own color:

  • Root: Red
  • Sacral: Orange
  • Solar Plexus: Yellow
  • Heart: Green
  • Throat: Blue
  • Third-Eye: Indigo
  • Crown: Violet

When your chakras are open, their colors are vibrant and clear. A blocked chakra may have a dark, muddy hue when envisioned in a meditative state.

What Happens When Your Chakras Are Balanced?

Balancing your chakras brings a deep sense of well-being. Healthy chakras that are open and balanced keep your emotions, thoughts, and physical body clear and balanced as well. An imbalance in one of your chakras can cause physical symptoms, negative emotions, and limited closed-off thought patterns.

Mindfully meditating on your chakras can help you clear and balance them. Practice seeing your chakras in your mind’s eye to become familiar with these vital energy centers.