Healing Your Energy by Having an Open Mind

Illness is your body being out of balance in some way.  Whether it is a virus attacking your body’s immune system, or depression attacking your mind from within.  When things get scary your stress levels can increase dramatically which can aggravate an ongoing physical or mental problem or illness, or actually weaken your immune system which can leave you vulnerable for outside causes of illness to take advantage.

Developing and strengthening an open mind can help heal your energy, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Closed minded belief systems stem from fear.  Usually fear of the “other” or the “unknown,” but also fear of losing a sense of yourself or where you are in society as a whole.

By trying to face those fears head on, you can actually heal yourself mentally and emotionally as well as strengthen your physical defenses by not having the added stress and anxiety that being overwhelmed by fear can cause.

Being open minded and having an open mind means you are open to what the universe has in store for you, that you are open to other people, and other belief systems, even ones that are diametrically opposed to yourself or your own beliefs.  Having an open mind doesn’t mean you have to accept or believe the same way as every other person in the world, but it does mean you accept every other person’s right to live and believe their own way and not force them to believe or be as you are. 

By trying to be open to the belief that all people are equal and have equal rights to every right every other person enjoys and is born into, it can help your mind, body and emotions find balance and be more open to what the universe has in store for you.  By focusing your energy on being at its most balanced, it can help your whole self heal and grow to your highest vibration.

This is easier said than done.  Many fears are deeply rooted from early childhood and are systemic because they are tied to parents and grandparents in your subconscious.  So if you are going to change the way you think about your own fears it can cause mental and emotional dissonance to happen, because you don’t want to “betray” those that came before you or who you are in their eyes.  When belief systems are that deeply rooted it takes time and patience with yourself to feel okay about change.  But during the time that you are taking to make these difficult changes in being more open minded, understand that it isn’t a straight line.  You will make progress some days and other days you will not make as much.  The most important aspect of making changes like this is to continue to strive to do your best. 

Being open minded can help bring peace to yourself and help your mind, body and emotions all find balance.  It can also help your society and the world at large be more at peace and more balanced.  By healing yourself through having a more open mind, you will actually help heal the world as well.

Mantras for Having an Open Mind

Becoming more open minded can be difficult and can take time and patience with yourself.  Closed mindedness caused by fear and distress about other people, or other beliefs and behaviors, can be deeply rooted.  These types of fears and defensive mindsets are hard to change.  That is why mantras are such a good tool to use when trying to become more open minded. 

Mantras are phrases or ideas that can be repeated over and over to help reinforce a change you want to encourage your psyche to develop.  This can help reinforce actions for change and create a positive outlook about the changes you are trying to make.

Some mantras you might use if you are trying to develop a more open mind are listed below.

My happiness is not lessened by other people being happy.

By accepting other people exactly how they are, I can learn to accept myself exactly how I am.

My safety and security are not lessened by other people being safe and secure.

All people are equal and deserve to have equal treatment in all things.

I might not like or understand someone but they have a right to live and be happy as they are.

Equal rights for all people do not take rights away from me.

I am strong enough to fight my fears. 

My fears will not control me.

These mantras can be used alone or in combinations with each other as a series.

You can use music while you say mantras to help connect the words to a certain feeling.  For example, you can put on a calming soothing type music, or something upbeat and uplifting, while you repeat the mantras which will help you stay calm or reinforce a feeling of positivity for what you are trying to accomplish.

You can say mantras while doing something creative like drawing or painting or some other visual art.  This will allow the words to become associated with different colors or textures and become imbedded in the part of the mind that is connected to creativity.  Even if you don’t consider yourself “artistic” you can do something as simple as color a piece of paper with a marker or crayon of your favorite color.  You can also look at a photo or painting online or even a swatch of cloth in your favorite color while you say the words.  This will help create positive associations with the changes you are trying to create.

You can add mantras to your meditation routine or as an aid to begin a meditation routine if you have never attempted meditation before. 

Having an open mind can take practice, be hard work, and sometimes require an extreme change in how you feel about yourself, your place in the world, and other people.  It can be scary and require time and patience with yourself while you do this work. Being open minded can help heal old wounds that you didn’t know you were carrying around inside yourself.  Mantras can be an integral tool in opening your mind and healing the fears and underlying causes of being closed minded in the first place. Your being more open minded will help others in the world to feel more accepted and supported, so by healing yourself you can help heal the world. 

Mantras for Open mindedness

We want to be inspired, peaceful and creative — while reducing stress in our lives. There is strength in opening our minds to change. Ultimately, this is being open to new ideas, perspectives and information. The challenge is ‘how’ do we attain these goals. One great way is thru meditation and mantras. You may have heard of mantras, but do you understand the difference between a mantra and an affirmation?

Mantra: A Mantra is a ancient tool with hindu and buddhist roots that is used to shift the mind and emotional state. This can be attained through the repetition of sounds.  These sacred sounds and vibrations are repeated again and again to achieve a zen state, removed from your everyday state of focus. A great mantra to start with is Ohm.

Affirmation: An affirmation is a positive statement that you would like to achieve. 

“I am safe” 

“Everyday I attract abundance”

“I sleep easily and wake refreshed” 

Affirmations are a great way to change your mindset when used consistently. 

The key to a mantra is creating a zen state where you can influence your consciousness and mind — which impacts your life outside of meditation. Reach out to an advisor that calls to you for more insights

C) Exercising an open mind with energy healing

Energy healing is a very powerful tool for your mind, body and spirit. Do not get intimidated by this term if you are new to it. You are a powerful and amazing person with many skills, talents and abilities that you have not uncovered yet. Or if you have already jumped into energy healing, you can take it farther and deeper when coming from a more neutral, open mindset. When you approach it with an open heart and a lot of compassion you can learn and grow as a person.

5 Ways to strengthen your energy Healing with an Open Mind

  1. Consciously breathe into your heart space several times, with the intention to open up and expand your energy heart space. Between breaths, pause and listen for any insights or information. This may takes some time, so do not be harsh with yourself. Keep practicing this daily. 
  2. Focus on gratitude from a new perspective. Focus on the love and light in the world, rather than the darker side. Gratitude for your basic needs, and gratitude for you figuring out how to handle the growing and changing world around you. How are you grateful for others, those close to you, and mankind in general? 
  3. Share with others: This can be repurposing items you no longer need, paying for the person behind you in drive thru line, or simply sharing a smile. The flow of giving & receiving really does lighten up the tension in our world. 
  4. Express your creativity in whatever way calls to you. Maybe you remember ways you expressed yourself in the past — or maybe this is something new. Either way, carve out regular time to explore this area, and you will be a much happier you. 
  5. Play and Be Silly. Be like young children and stretch your legs and have some fun. Be downright silly. We are way too serious in our everyday lives and it is time to exercise your silly muscles.You will be very glad that you did!

These techniques will loosen you up to the positive and abundant flow of  energy healing. The energy healing can be for yourself and for others. Remember, with energy healing, we are simply a conduit. The key is to make that powerful connection to the universe, and let the energy flow. 

Meditate for Spiritual Growth

Meditation is personal and private. This is a time to go deep within your soul to find the answers you have been looking for, instead of looking everywhere outside of yourself. Did you realize that we are actually spiritual beings having a human experience? When you think of it that way, many things can shift in your life. 

We are all unique. You may enjoy walking or running quiet-time to get grounded and connected to what means the most to you. Or, you may enjoy a more traditional approach to meditation when sitting in a calm and peaceful environment. Experiment and and find what works best for you. And then use these tools and techniques consistently. 

In the beginning it can feel too challenging and maybe your mind is racing fast and furious. You may want to try this box breathing technique to slow everything down: it helps achieve calm & has health benefits.

  1. Take 4 deep breaths in
  2. Hold to the count of 4 
  3. Release your breath to the count of 4 
  4. Then hold your breath for 4 counts. 

Keep repeating this for several sessions until your focus on your breath is bringing you into the here and now. This also reduces stress and takes you out of the future or the past. Return to natural breathing when it feels right to you. You can also start with short sessions of meditation and expand the time from there until you find your rhythm and consistency. The key is to keep at it — don’t give up. 

The beauty of meditation is that we connect to that inner wisdom, the internal GPS, the essence of our soul — and through that pure connection, we see what connects us all. We are all one, and the more we find ways to connect instead of ways to disconnect, the better our lives will be and the better our world will be. 

Staying Calm During Financial Turbulence

Financial stress can cause anxiety, negatively affect your mental and emotional wellbeing, and can even hurt you physically.  It is extremely important to find ways to be calm during hard financial times, but it can be the most difficult time in which to do so.

Meditation, Yoga and Reiki can all help with decreasing your stress levels and keep them from rising when financial hardships occur.  All three of these systems tap into the energy that flows through you and connects your mind, body and emotions together within your being. 

Meditation sometimes stresses people out because they say “I’m no good at meditation.”  Or they think they have to have their mind completely calm in order for meditation to “work.”  That isn’t the case.  Meditation, especially when you are first learning, can be helpful and doesn’t require you to “control your mind.”

Find a place that is comfortable that you can be alone for just a few minutes.  It can even be the bathroom if it is hard for you to find privacy.  Bring your awareness to your breathing.  Focus on trying to elongate your inhale, and then focus on matching the length of your exhale with it. 

Just allow your mind to flow, whatever comes in, just try to gently encourage it to flow right out again.  Try to not allow anything to take up root in your thoughts but if you find your mind spiraling about a thought, try to move your mind back to focusing on your breathing. 

This can help in as little as just a couple of minutes to calm your mind and body and help your emotions not overwhelm you. 

Yoga uses your body and mind connection to ease your stress levels.  Again, so many people say “I’m not flexible enough for yoga.”  That doesn’t matter for stress relief.  It doesn’t have to be a full workout and you don’t have to be a long-time yogi to benefit from the stress relief this can give you.  There are many videos of yoga for beginners that you can find online.    Pick one pose or a couple that won’t make you feel intimidated and that will be easy for you to do in the space you have. 

Standing Mountain pose can be done just about anywhere and by anyone.  You stand up as straight as possible, with your feet parallel.  You lengthen each part of your body slowly focusing first on your legs, then your midsection then lengthening your spine and straightening your shoulders.  You tuck your chin slightly and pull the crown of the head upwards.  You breathe slowly and deeply while holding this position and then let out a breath as you relax your body and release the pose.  This done a few times slowly can calm your system and help bring your mind to ease.

Reiki is an energy technique that allows a Reiki Master to clear your energy and aura of blockages and alleviates stress to allow your Chi to flow in a healthy way through your mind, body and emotions.  This is especially helpful if you have had ongoing financial worries for an extended period of time.  All that stress can build up and the energy blockages can even cause health problems.

Using any of these techniques consistently can help build up a higher tolerance for stress and anxiety and help to prepare you for unexpected financial stress.

Using Meditation and Mantras to reach Financial Stability

Setting goals can be easy to do but reaching them can be a challenge.  Unexpected emergencies can come up, or willpower can fail.  Doing daily meditation and using personalized mantras can help you find success.

First, be honest with yourself about what you are capable of.  Mediation can help put you in the right frame of mind for some hard talks with yourself about finances.  Sit in a comfortable room with either silence or music that isn’t distracting on in the background.  Once you are physically comfortable try to calm your mind with several deep steady breaths, focusing on making the exhale just as slow and long as the inhale.  Focus only on your breathing and keep doing this until you feel calm and at ease.  It doesn’t have to be long, as little as five minutes can help.

The important thing is for you to be in a calm frame of mind when you sit down to write out your goal.  Now have all your monthly bills together and write out the amounts, putting an honest average for any bills that change from month to month.  Then write down all your income that happens from month to month, don’t exaggerate, it is important.

Now think about what it is you want to achieve?  What does financial security mean to you?  Just being able to pay your bills? Or do you want to be able to pay your bills and save up a specific amount each month?  Don’t be extravagant because you will just end up disappointing yourself and becoming discouraged if you don’t set realistic goals for yourself.

So when you have all that decided, this is where the mantras can help.  Create a simple short mantra for whatever your goal is and say it to yourself each morning when you get up, and every night before bed.  For example, if your goal is to pay all your bills, save $100 a month and still have a little extra to have fun with, then create a mantra that goes something like this:

Financial stability will be mine.  I will have the income I need to pay all my bills, save $100 and also still get to have fun, each and every month.  I will do what it takes to make this happen because I work hard and I deserve it.”

It is important to always include a reason for this to happen, such as “you work hard,” but also something that helps positively reinforce this such as “I deserve it.”

This will help your subconscious understand what you are trying to accomplish and will send your intention out into the universe to help bring about your success.  The repetition of doing this morning and night will help you remember to control your impulses that might self-sabotage your goals. 

It is important to revisit your goals every couple of months.  Be kind and honest with yourself.  If you have succeeded, then set new goals, if you haven’t, don’t beat yourself up, just try to dial it back and set more realistic goals based on what has gone wrong so far.

Maintaining Love During the COVID Crisis

Maintaining your romantic relationships during the pandemic can be challenging. Regardless of whether you are living together (and have too much togetherness) or are striving to make meaningful connections while you are too far apart — this can be a very meaningful time in your relationship.

Before quickly jumping to conclusions, first make sure you are taking the very best care of you. What have you been feeding your mind, body and spirit? Are you moving your body and getting enjoyable exercise? How are you expressing your creativity? Comfort food and activities are nice and so it trying something new and different.                                                                  

Next, when reviewing your relationship, make sure to start with patience and compassion. We are all getting triggered on one level or another. Be aware of this. Be careful not to get too stuck in your head and over analyze yourself to craziness. For the most honest feedback, feel into your connection from a loving place when you are calm and well rested.      

Add in some “new ways” to connect. Maybe it is a glass of wine shared or a game played over a video call. Or light a candle and watch an old movie you both love. Take a walk or go for a bike ride in nature. Reminisce about the interesting details about how and where you first met and fell in love. Get started with something simple, and one idea can lead to another. Take turns coming up with fun ways to spend time with one another.                  

When you identify concerns, find a good time and place to discuss this with your partner. But first check in with them about their day and their concerns. If it is a good time, explain how you feel and ask for a conversation starter. You do not need to figure everything out all at once. If emotions start running high, take a break and start again after you rest and take some time apart.  

This unique time adds new pressures on all of us. We will find out how much we really love this person and rediscover a deep respect and admiration through laughter and silly fun. Or, we may determine that we finally need to come clean and admit that this is not working out — and admit to yourself and the other person that you both deserve much better. 

When you trust your inner knowing (intuition), you will gain a lot of awareness. Keep checking in with yourself, and over time you will find that when you have a concern you will be able to find your trusted guidance more quickly.

Digging Deep During Pandemic

Are you single and confused about moving forward with love during this Pandemic — with so much closed and restricted, and with social distancing and beyond? Instead of dwelling on frustrations and limitations, consider focusing on “out of the box,” positive solutions. Here are some ideas!   

  1. Start with YOU
    Now is a great time to pause, take a series of deep breaths, and do a super deep dive into taking care of you! Start by being very honest about how you feel. Let out the wide variety of emotions first through writing, taking a walk in nature, or whatever helps you find peace.Then, in a calm and mindful way, start thinking about what you want to focus on moving forward. Brainstorm and make a crazy idea sheet! Or perhaps you already know what you are working toward, and you can use this as a way of strengthening that resolve. Wherever you are at this point, now is the time to start taking steps to move forward. 

2) Plant Seeds for Meaningful Relationship
When you dream of a relationship that makes your heart overflow with enthusiasm, what are the key elements? Keep track of these items. Who do you really want to be in your relationship? What would you like to let go of (literally or emotionally)? What adventures or accomplishments would be really exciting and fulfilling to experience together? Plant seeds (emotionally) for all of this and more. We can accomplish so much more than just cleaning out our living spaces and getting better organized. We can create the life of our dreams. Start by day dreaming…

3) Drop the Details, and Focus on How You Feel Love

Get out of your head and into your heart, spirit and soul. Focus on what brings you joy and happiness — more than the details of height, hair color, eye color, profession or mode of transportation. Connect with the soul of your soon-to-be-loved-one. Isn’t that what all this is really about? 

Trust your inner knowing, and choose the advisor that calls out to you for confirmation and additional insights. 

Financial Stability Through Mental Calm

Managing your finances during COVID-19 might seem like an extra challenge. Whether you took a pay cut, lost your job, or resorted to online retail therapy to fill the absence of routine activities, you might be wondering how you should take care of your finances during the pandemic.

Consider these tips and tools to help you determine how you should be budgeting and what you should avoid in order to maintain your budget.

Research Benefits 

One way you can instill a small amount of financial security amidst the pandemic is by doing your research on unemployment benefits and services. If you received a pay cut, you might actually be eligible for a certain percentage of unemployment benefits. If you still have your job and pay, research your state’s unemployment benefits anyway. You’ll feel empowered by taking the initiative, and you can create a plan if you need to use your state’s unemployment services in the future.

Prioritize Food and Home Expenses

To create a detailed budget that cuts away excess expenses, focus on what you absolutely need to get by, like food, housing, and utilities. Install a budgeting app on your phone to help you find out how much you spend on essentials every month. Once you have divided your paycheck among these three areas, you can place the remaining amount in your savings.

Reduce Clutter in Your Home

Retail therapy not only reduces the amount of money that can go toward essentials, but it also clutters your home. Use this time when you cannot see friends or family to reduce clutter from your life. Clean out your closet and junk drawers, and donate items that are no longer of use to you. Find a financial abundance mantra that will help you instill values of wealth in immaterial things, which will help you clear your mind and focus on what really matters during this time.

Grow Closer While Staying 6 Feet Apart

Due to this pandemic, you may feel like your relationships are in a unique place right now. Many couples who don’t live together may find that you cannot see each other as often. Likewise, couples who do live together may find it challenging to adjust to spending even more time together at home. Learn how you and your partner can continue to grow your connection during these unprecedented times. 

Couples Who Live Apart

Couples who live apart can still stay connected while practicing responsible social distancing. When deciding on how you will connect during this time, there are a few questions to ask your partner:

  • How often should we see each other?
  • How can we practice safe social distancing while seeing each other?
  • Should we wait to see each other in person?
  • What ways do you like to connect while being apart?

Having an understanding of how you both plan on connecting is an important part of staying on the same page when living through this pandemic. You and your partner may decide it’s best to wait to see each other in person later. If you decide this, you can connect through video chat or phone call. You could also get creative and send each other handwritten letters or drawings. 

Couples Who Live Together

Couples who live together may begin to feel bored with the monotony of staying home every day. Shake things up by figuring out how well you know your partner. Use this as a time to ask each other deep questions to learn even more about one another. Here are some interesting questions to ask:

  • What is your first memory?
  • Do you have any hidden talents?
  • Do you think everything happens for a reason?
  • What has our relationship taught you?

This pandemic may create obstacles for all kinds of couples. The main thing to remember during these times is that you and your partner need to regularly communicate and check in with each other.